1. What is VIKING Safety Academy?
  2. VIKING Safety Academy is a part of VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, focusing on training and competence development in the maritime and offshore industries.

  3. Is VIKING Safety Academy an authorized training provider?
  4. Yes, VIKING Safety Academy is authorized by OPITO, The Danish Maritime Authority, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, Dienstelle Schiffssicherheit BG Verkehr, The Marshall Islands Registry, DNV-GL, Maritime Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry, Sjøfartsdirektoratet Norwegian Maritime Authority.

  5. Where is the practical training Academies located?
    VIKING Safety Academy
    Adress: 1st Km Lavriou - Souniou
    City: 19500 Lavrio - Attica, Greece
    Tel.: (+30) 229 2304702

  7. How do I attend an online course?
    • You sign up on www.VIKING-Safetyacademy.com
    • Create profile
    • Access course selection
    • Press add to cart
    • Enter payment details
    • Checkout
    • Launch the course under “my Courses” and a new window will appear for you to access the course.

  8. How long do I have to complete an e-learning course?
  9. You have course access for three months and 10 tries to pass the course.

  10. How do I attend practical training?
  11. Contact VIKING Safety Academy via email to book your practical training.

  12. What is blended learning?
  13. Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online education and opportunities for interaction online with practical training. Make sure to book your practical training when you buy your blended learning course via;

    You will need to finalize and pass the online e-learning course before attending the practical training.

  14. When can I attend the practical training for my blended learning course?
  15. VIKING Safety Academy will inform you of availability of the practical training.

    Contact VIKING Safety Academy via email to book your practical training.

  16. What is the prerequisites to attend VIKING Safety Academy courses?
  17. Info regarding prerequisites can be found on the Course descriptions if applicable

  18. Is there any way to preview a course?
  19. Not at this moment. This feature is soon to be implemented.

  20. I am having trouble signing into my account.
  21. For support issues please write to VIKING Safety Academy: Safetyacademy@viking-life.com

    If you have forgotten your password, go to the log in page, and press the “forgot password” link.

  22. How will I get my certificate upon completed training?
  23. When attending a course at one of our academies you will receive your certificate upon course completion.

    When attending e-learning courses you will be able to download your certificate under “My Courses”.

  24. How do I assign training to my crew?
  25. You order Discount Vouchers for your crew to apply when purchasing a course.

  26. How do I track my training?
  27. You will at any time be able to view your previous finalized courses under “My Courses”

  28. I failed a lesson and used up all my attempts. What do I do?
  29. If a participant does not pass the lesson in 10 attempts the case will be looked at individually and the next action will be agreed upon. Please contact VIKING Safety Academy at viking-safetyacademy@viking-life.com for more information on how to regain access to the lesson.

  30. Will I be notified when my certificate is about to expire?
  31. Yes. An email will be sent to your registered email address with a notification of expiry. This entails that you have agreed to receive notifications from VIKING Safety Academy under “My Profile - Notification”

  32. For how long will my account be active?
  33. Your account will be deleted if you are inactive for five years. This is referenced in our GDPR Terms that is documented on the website.

    You will receive a notification once your profile is about to expire.

  34. Can I upload other certificates to the VIKING Safety Academy platform?
  35. No – VIKING Safety Academy does not store certificates from other training providers.

  36. How do I pay?
  37. You will be prompted to pay for the courses when you reach the “Checkout” page. You will need to enter your credit card information or use a voucher provided by your employer. An order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.

  38. Which payment methods are available?
  39. At VIKING Safety Academy we offer VISA and Mastercard as available payment methods. We are sorry if your preferred payment method is not available for your order.

  40. How do I activate a discount code/voucher?
  41. Upon checkout you will be able to add the code in the voucher field.

  42. How can I purchase vouchers for courses?
  43. You will need to contact VIKING Safety Academy via Safetyacademy@viking-life.com

  44. How do I receive a discount code?
  45. Discount codes will be available through limited time campaigns on the website. www.viking-safetyacademy.com

  46. Do I have to create an account to purchase/book a course?
  47. Yes. It is required to create an account to buy and access courses on your profile.

  48. Can I cancel my purchase after I have completed the order?
  49. You have 14 days to cancel your purchase, but once the course has been launched the purchase is final.

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